Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 12: Urgent Care

I hadn't planned on taking any rest days during this adventure, mainly because I have limited time available to hike. But last night I had a fever, and I think some of my blisters are infected. Ick! So today Maura and I are staying in our room at the Holiday Inn Express in Antigo (very nice, conveniently located and reasonably priced), waiting for the Urgent Care to open.

Have to give kudos to another Off-the-Trail Angel, Dr. Curt Draeger. Dr. Draeger is a chiropractor here in Antigo who opened his office late last night to give me some cold laser treatments and an adjustment. Just what I needed! He said my blisters -- which I never get when I hike/trail run -- may have been caused by some of my body parts being out of alignment (the worst parts were all in the same hip-leg-foot as the blisters). Dr. Draeger has an amazing, innovative facility where he treats a lot of people with chronic pain, plus athletes, including the U.S. Olympic decathletes and some of the Packers, including Aaron Rogers. Some of my athlete friends should talk to me about him when I'm back home -- I think he could help some of you (Ann, call me!).

As much as I want to be on the trail, it's nice to be able to catch up on some of my writing, email, etc. Enjoy some of these trail photos from the last 11 days. I'm really getting into mushrooms -- there's an amazing variety out in the woods, and some are quite stunning. I also like the variety of deer stands, and some of the interesting/funny signs I've come across. Hope you do, too!

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  1. I wanted to share my experience during my week long hike in the mountains. The first four days were a blur, and on day five we had to rest because of my blisters. We set up camp and I got to really take in all my surroundings instead of seeing them in the rear view mirror. Next trip we camp!

    Sandie Derouin @ U.S. HealthWorks - Rocklin