Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 23: Connecting Route, Sauk Point

After a lovely night in a Spring Brook condo in the Dells, I had to make another visit to Urgent Care this morning. Yep, another skin infection, this time on my other foot. I'm getting quite the collection of hospital bracelets, which Urgent Care centers make you wear. So more antibiotics, but I still walked today.  

My baby sister. Alison, and sister-in-law, Michele, were my crew, along with their trusty dog, Dunkin. Almost the entire day was a road route from Portage to the Devil's Lake area, and Alison and Michele (plus Dunkin) rotated walking with me. Gosh, did that make the miles go by faster! At he end of the day we reached the Sauk Point segment, a lovely stretch that takes you on top of a bluff and then down again.

It's amazing how the trails -- how nature -- impacts you. I had a great time walking with Alison and Michele, but the minute I got on the trails it was so peaceful. Your body just relaxes, your heart rate slows and it's just such a different experience. It's hard to explain. Get out on a trail today and see what I mean. 


  1. Melanie, Can you recommend any place to use the bathroom on the connecting roads between Parfrey's Glen (Sauk Pt trail) and the Pine Island Wilderness area. We know what to do at the ends of this, but there are alot of miles in the middle. Thanks!

  2. Never mind the question. Despite the lack of leaf cover I was able to find friendly roadside trees.

  3. Sorry! I just saw this today (Feb. 26). I'm so glad you found places, though! :) Are you thru-hiking now, in winter?! Very impressive.